KMK’s 27th Anniversary

18 Mei 2017

May 15th was KMK’s 27th anniversary. This year we celebrated a silent anniversary. In each business unit, our management team and employees gathered at Canteen and had lunch together to share our appreciation for every body’s effort and love toward our company. We also prayed for KMK group that we could get through a tough time together and become a sustainable company.

At K1, CEO Mr. CK Song and our key leaders shared several messages to our employees. First, they mentioned our vision and mission. Our vision and mission are our navigators. Mission and vision express what organization we want to become and what our goal and responsibility are. Mr. CK Song was surprised that most of our employees at K1 already memorized our vision and mission clearly. He asked all of us to remember and act “our vision and mission”.

Second, our management reminds KMK family of K1’s goals, follows with product security always as on K1’s priority list.

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