KMK Soccer Team Take Over 2nd Place

01 Desember 2016

Our KMK soccer team won the 2nd place in the Arya Kemuning Cup. Arya Kemuning Cup is the soccer tournament in Jabotabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi areas). A total of 32 teams played the games and 28 out of the 32 were professional soccer teams. This year, KMK teams joined and competed against the 28 pro-teams and won the prize.

This win surprise our KMK family that we could still win because our teams consist of only KMK employees while, the other pro-teams had well trained foreign players and coaches.? November 27th was the final match. Our SPSI, medical team, management team and around 3,000 KMK family member all joined and cheered for our teams.

Today (Thursday, 1st December 2016) our CEO, Mr. CK Song invited our soccer teams and showed his appreciation to the players and the supporters for the victory and he mentioned that he will hold the “CK Song Cup 2017” next year.

We interviewed our soccer teams to hear their point of view.?

Q: How did you start these soccer teams??

Team: Actually we started these teams for the Nike Cup, which is the soccer tournament for all Nike factories in Indonesia. We practiced once a week after work.

Q: What is the secret of your victory??

Team: Soccer is a teamwork sport. We have a great teamwork and a great communication together. I believe that it’s because we work together in one company, KMK, so we already have special teamwork and it worked to our benefit when we played the game. Also we have pride working for KMK and that confidence helped too.

Q: Anything you want to share with KMK family??

Team: We thank Mr. Song and every KMK family for the support. Although we couldn’t win the first place this time, we hope we can win the 1st place next year. We are also very excited that KMK will have the “CK Song Cup” from next year.

Q: Anything you want to share with our soccer teams and KMK family as an Union leader??

Union leader: We are very proud of our soccer teams. KMK Union has been supporting our soccer teams as well. We have joined the tournaments to cheer our teams and wished them good luck. KMK soccer teams are KMK’s pride. Please continue to have victory both in soccer games and in work.

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