New Young Talents for Production

09 Juni 2017

In pursuing creative ways and wanted to change such perspective in the shoe industry. Recently KMK group recruited 11 young and smart future leaders (9 female and 2 male) from Korea and Indonesia to strengthen our production, the backbone of KMK. We believe that a female leader’s soft leadership will help to improve our production.

We recruited 6 new graduates as MTP (Management Training in Production) from the top schools in Indonesia 2 months ago. Also, last week, 5 female Korean interns joined for a 2 months internship training specializing in production. The training programs are designed to raise young talents as future leaders in production.

The 5 new interns will also go through this program and get evaluated at the end of their internship program to be officially recruited as KMK employees.

The 5 young Korean ladies are very eager to learn new things and they showed their passion and strong will to improve production in KMK. They might go through a more difficult time adjusting the new environment and the language with tight training program.

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